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Changing Lives, One Child at a Time
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ABC Foster Family Agency is a private, non-profit community service agency that is committed to improving the lives of abandoned, abused, neglected babies, toddlers, preschool, school-aged children and non-minor dependents. We provide foster parent resource families approved by our agency with valuable support and resource information. In addition, our Social Workers are available for assistance with your needs or concerns. They visit each Foster Child in the home at least 3 times per month to see how they are doing. We keep foster parent resource families up to date on topics relevant and crucial to foster care. Ultimately, our goal at ABC Foster Family Agency is to make foster parent resource families successful.

How You Can Help

As a supportive foster parent resource family, you can give traumatized children the love and protection they may never have experienced. The main qualification of becoming a foster parent resource family is the desire to open your heart and home to children in need of care and love.

Who Can Be a Foster Parent?

Any qualified person who is at least 21 years old. Single individuals, couples, individuals of every income range, apartment owners, homeowners, mobile homeowners, English, Spanish, or other bilingual English/any language speaking families are welcome to be foster parents.

The Children

Foster children can range from newborns to non-minor dependents aged 18-21 years. Each one is a dependent of the court and needs the love and support of a family home.

What Is the Cost?

All training for approval is given free of charge by ABC Foster Family Agency. After approval support and continuing education are offered as a continuing service. Foster Parents/Resource Families receive $1,059 – $1,416 ($2,763 for ISFC placements) monthly for each  foster child in their care. An initial clothing allowance may also be provided. Medical and dental needs are covered by Medi-Cal Health Insurance.

Being a foster parent resource family is not simple. Raising children can be challenging. Goodbyes are tearful and the stories you hear will tug at your heartstrings. But, ultimately, you will experience profound joy at having played a role in making a child’s dream become a reality.

To learn how you can be approved as a foster parent resource family, please click here. You may also contact us for more information about what we do.